• A Good Day to Die Hard

    His estranged son Jack (dishonorably discharged from the army) in a Russian jail, NYPD detective John McClane goes to Moscow to help him. There he learns that Jack is actually a CIA agent who went to jail to free a billionaire with information that can bring prevent a corrupt Russian official from becoming president. Slowly overcoming their antagonism, father and son -- not surprisingly a lot alike -- team up to defeat the bad guys...

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  • Live Free or Die Hard

    When a cyber criminal and his team crash much of the nation's infrastructure for greed and revenge, old school cop John McClane joins forces with a talented young hacker, saving America and his estranged daughter in the process.

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  • Die Hard: With a Vengeance

    This much anticipated sequel to the previous action blockbusters, teams a black cop with detective John McClain. Together they fight a mad bomber in Manhattan.

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  • Die Hard 2

    In this sequel, New York City policeman John McClaine tries to stop an elite commando group from kidnapping a big time drug dealer and taking him to the Caribbean.

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  • Die Hard

    A New York City cop faces overwhelming odds when his Christmas visit to California is interrupted by a terrorist invasion of his estranged wife's office building.

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